Written by the Head of Sales of a leading Learning Industry company.


“I have worked with Nick for over 12 months now, so I could very easily just deliver you a ream of descriptive words, such as professional, proficient, passionate, diligent, efficient, reliable, driven and credible ………but he has more to offer than that. Nick has a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi in recruiting terms for both candidates and his clients; a certain something that I simply haven’t found in other recruitment companies! Maybe it is his honest, personable but professional approach, maybe it is his wanting to go beyond just understanding skill sets but really wanting to understand the person behind it, maybe it’s his wealth of industry knowledge or ability to quantify exactly what/who we need. Either way, I can only say Nick is great to work with and I would highly recommend Conga Learning.”


Written by the Sales & Marketing Director of a market leading eLearning Technology business.


“Every business needs top quality recruits and ours is no different. It’s essential. It’s easy to differentiate Nick/Conga Learning from the recruitment crowd as he is the only person I have experienced to receive such glowing reports from the candidates we interview. He takes a lot of time to understand our company, our values, our culture, our expectations and have in-depth conversations with candidates to ensure there’s a strong ‘fit’. This has proven to work very well for us. As such, Conga Learning is an easy recommendation from me.”


Written by the Managing Director of a Learning Technology company.


“Nick is one of those rare animals in the world of recruitment. A recruiter that listens. Not only that, but Nick takes the time to understand your business, your strategy and, most importantly your needs. He asks questions, he understands, and he helps your business achieve its ambitions through the art of bringing in the right people at the right time.
I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with Nick across two businesses. Each time Nick delivered. That’s because he doesn’t just put forward candidates but gets under the skin of what is needed. I know that when I work with Nick, that if he puts someone in front of me, they have already ‘ticked the CV box.’ I know they are capable of doing the job I’m recruiting for, which leaves me to focus on what matters – personality, character, capability and drive. It’s easy working with Nick because you can trust him to put in the leg-work on the candidates and to know them inside-out before they get to you. He wants them to end up in the right role just as much as you want the right person to fill the gap in your team.
Every role I have needed to recruit for has been critical, from creative skills to the core of sales and customer service. In a learning technologies business, fulfilling sales and customer service roles isn’t easy. The dynamic of the business itself and the audience targeted (who are knowledgeable and passionate about the subject) means finding the right people is fundamental. This isn’t about hard selling or light touch customer service, but nurturing relationships, building up lasting connections and ‘high touch’ customer service. Passion, enthusiasm and a desire to learn about the industry are vital. But then Nick knows all of this. His pure focus on the learning sector makes him the ‘go to’ recruiter. It really is a ‘no brainer’ decision.”


Written by the Recruitment Manager of one of the world’s leading Learning companies.


“I have worked with Nick of Conga Learning over the last year, recruiting for vacancies within our Brighton and Sheffield offices. I have found Nick, to be honest, eager to help, knowledgeable and consultative. He offers a refreshingly efficient and pleasant recruitment agency service.”


Written by the Managing Director of an international E-Learning company.


“We have worked extensively with Nick Winsey and Conga Learning over the last 12 months and beyond. Through his diligence and expertise, we’ve undertaken a large-scale recruitment programme increasing our staffing resources across all aspects of our business. In the last year alone, Nick has helped us work through 102 CV’s, 74 interviews (including some 2nd and 3rd stage sessions) and helped us successfully place 14 candidates across our sales and account management functions. Nick is always an absolute pleasure to work with and gives us complete confidence that we will always find the right person for the job. I would always recommend Nick and Conga Learning, his service is second to none.”


Written by a candidate who we helped find a new job in the Digital Learning industry.


“From being approached by Nick, to interview to being offered a position was lightning quick. The whole process took 4 working days! Nick held my hand throughout the whole process from interview tips, how the interview would unfold, top tips and an in-depth introduction to the senior management team. I’ve previously been on the receiving end of other recruitment firms and none can match the experience of Conga Learning.”



Witten by a candidate who we helped find a new job.


“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the support you have given me throughout the process of my recruitment for the new role. From the first time you approached me to see if I was interested in the role right up to the time that I was offered the job, and beyond, you have acted in an extremely professional, discreet and supportive fashion. Any requests for information were dealt with promptly and you have consistently been available to offer support and advice if needed. I was particularly impressed by the way in which you wanted to ensure that the role was the right match for me as much as wanting to ensure that I was the right person for the company. It is a good feeling to know that a recruitment company is thinking of both parties when dealing with a job vacancy, something that I have never really come across before.”


Written by a candidate who we helped find a new job.


“When I was looking for a job, I spoke to countless recruiters. The vast majority of them couldn’t have cared less about me, what I was looking for, or the type of person I am. Nick at Conga Learning was the only person (over several months) that bothered to figure out who I was, instead of treating me like another potential chunk of commission. Better still, when I spoke to him, I was speaking to a mate. When we found the right job match, he supported me during every step of the way. In a sea of faceless, soulless and impersonal conversations, Nick was an actual human. (I know – I couldn’t believe it either). Genuinely couldn’t recommend this company enough.”
Written by the Human Resources Leader of one of the UK’s largest Learning Technology firms.
“I have been lucky enough to work with Nick at Conga Learning for the past 5 months and in this short space of time, he has been successful in filling multiple roles. I have found Nick to be very professional and personable, and not pushy like some recruitment agencies can be. He puts in the time and effort to ensure he has an in-depth understanding of the role, the culture of our business and the right fit for each department. I’ve found we can have honest conversations about what is and isn’t working; tweaking the requirements as necessary. I look forward to working with Conga Learning to find some more great candidates to join the team.”


Written by a candidate who we helped find a new job.


“When Nick reached out to me I wasn’t actually looking for a new job, Nick understood this but explained that he felt my profile matched perfectly with what his client was looking for (heard that before right?). I was intrigued though based on the approach Nick took; he was relaxed, professional and did not put me under any kind of pressure. Turns out, Nick was right! The company I now work for loved me when I went for the interview, Nick called no more than 2 hours after and offered the job. During the brief negotiations on salary, Nick stood firm and did not put his financial interests ahead of my own. Top draw recruiter!”


Written by a candidate who we helped find a new job in the E-Learning industry.


“Nick at Conga helped me find an awesome job and helped me a lot all the way through the process, he knew everything I needed to know about the company and their culture and was always on the other end of the phone even at the weekends, thanks for everything! :-)”


Written by a candidate who we helped find a new job in a market leading Education Technology business.


“Nick was friendly and very well informed about the position, company and the Learning industry. The information and support that he provided was invaluable.”