About us

What do we do?

Conga Learning was founded by experienced, professional Recruitment Consultants. After years of successful recruitment experience, we decided to create a boutique Recruitment consultancy that serves our sector of personal interest – the Learning and Skills Development industry.

What are we like to work with?

We are optimistic, friendly, and work with honesty and integrity. We care about the quality of service that we provide. We know how to recruit niche candidates and how to represent your employer brand. We know what great recruitment looks and feels like to the candidates and clients that we represent.  
We believe that great recruitment is a consultative process. We always aim to get to know people and find out what makes them tick. We aim to find out what people really want to be doing at work and who with. We want to really understand our clients’ offerings and services, team structure and dynamics. Our approach of thorough attention to detail allows us to gather this information, make sense of it and intelligently match people to career opportunities. We are contactable, hardworking and we enjoy our representative role.  

Why are we called Conga?

It’s simple really, we like to have fun, we believe that work should be enjoyable and that people are very often at their most productive best when they are happily learning and developing their skills.

Want us to help you find your next role?

Want us to help find your next great hire?