Getting the right company culture fit for you.

We think that company cultural fit is important, it often goes a long way to contributing to the feeling that you have a meaningful job, but – how can you work out whether a company is the right place for you to work?


Here’s some tips for you to consider:


• You have to know what you want, and don’t want, first. When starting a new job search, we always recommend a bit of self-reflection and past history assessment. When thinking about what you do and don’t want be specific and note why. We are all different and with time have changing attitudes, know what’s important to you about your work place environment. A company may be a “great place to work”, but not happen to suit you.


• It’s important to research the company and the leadership team. There are loads of methods to do this. Websites, LinkedIn, social media and google should give you a good “feel” for a company. Do some investigation, speak to us, do you know anyone who works there or has? Find out who’ll be reporting to. Etc.


• Knowing what you want and armed with informed perceptions, you’ll be ready to ask the right questions to work out whether you’ll be happy working for a company and be able to perform at your best. There’s always a point in a well-structured successful interview where the candidate is able lead discussion so that they can decipher whether an opportunity is for them – that’s the point to start asking well considered questions. With the answers > trust your gut instincts. If you ask the right questions to the right people; you should know whether the fit is right.